WFS Panel Discussion 7/22/16

Part 1 Alan Levine

Part 2: Donna Nevel

Part 3: Questions and Answers

The most insidious danger

The most insidious danger to our American democracy is not Al Qaeda or Isis. It is not the Islamic radicalism that we fostered, armed and funded for our own purposes in the Middle East.


It is not even the criminal corporations, like Exxon, Lockheed Martin or Monsanto, that would fry the world with global warming, bomb it into oblivion and then poison it all with Roundup. They have learned to game the system with their millions, of course, turning our government into a cesspool of corrupted public officials all hiding behind the same two party fig leaf.  


No, the most dangerous force is the Israel Lobby, whose actions threaten our very Constitution and First Amendment rights. Has Monsanto ever attempted to criminalize citizens' attempts to boycott their poisonous products? Has Exxon paid our state government to create blacklists of campus groups educating students about climate change? Only the Israel Lobby can do that.


Over 500 Palestinian children were recently incinerated by high tech lasers and white phosphorus bombs while cowering in UN schools. But our Congress, paid sycophants to the Lobby, voted that Israel had a right to "defend itself" by destroying Gaza's only power plant as well as 18,000 of its homes. Israel lost just one house.


Israel and billionaire Sheldon Adelson have paid 100 million to destroy our First Amendment rights. And Governor Cuomo, never one to put principle ahead of cash, has just declared the boycotting of Israeli apartheid to be unlawful. The selling out of our democracy.



Fred Nagel

Rhinebeck, NY 12572