WFS Panel Discussion 7/22/16

Part 1 Alan Levine

Part 2: Donna Nevel

Part 3: Questions and Answers

World Cafe

A world cafe is a community event that provides an opportunity to integrate diverse individual perspectives
 - including potentially conflicting and unpopular ones –
into a new collective perspective.

During our World Cafe, color coded groups reviewed discussion-generating materials provided by WFS and discussed a specific topic related to the resolution.
An ambassador nominated by the group then provided a summary and a period of clarification on each group’s topic to the larger group.

Discussion was then opened to the larger group.


Blue Topic - History of Boycotts. Click here to view >>

Green Topic - First They Came for the Socialists. Click here to view >>

Purple Topic - Cuomo's Executive Order and Blacklists. Click here to view >>

Orange Topic - All About Our Resolution. Click here to view >>